Welcome to the Node blog

Since Livejournal is disintegrating into Russian spam, I’m moving my technical blog to http://blog.nodejs.org/. I hope to do frequent small posts about what’s going on in Node development and include posts from other core Node developers. Please subscribe to the RSS feed.

To avoid making this post completely devoid of content, here is a new video from a talk I gave at the SF PHP group tastefully produced by Marakana:

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Node blog

  1. bfar says:

    Thanks for posting a great presentation. I think I finally get what node is and isn’t and just why so many people rave about it. Thanks again.

  2. Zyrg says:

    Very nice presentation.

  3. kuddl says:

    Great idea to move your blog.
    And great presentation !
    Greez from Germany

  4. meenakshi says:

    Can we create desktop apps using node.js

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