node v0.4.5

2011.04.01, Version 0.4.5 (stable)

  • Fix listener leak in stream.pipe() (Mikeal Rogers)
  • Retain buffers in GH-814 (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)
  • TLS performance improvements
  • SlowBuffer.prototype.slice bug GH-843
  • process.stderr.write should return true
  • Immediate pause/resume race condition GH-535 (isaacs)
  • Set default host header properly GH-721 (isaacs)
  • Upgrade V8 to





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3 Responses to node v0.4.5

  1. Big thanks for yet another awesome Nodejs release. The TLS performance improvements are staggering!

  2. Morgan Craft says:

    Thanks to all the devs who work hard on node!

  3. dsquared2 says:

    thanks for sharing.good job

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