Node v0.5.1

2011.07.14, Version 0.5.1 (unstable)

  • #1233 Fix os.totalmem on FreeBSD amd64 (Artem Zaytsev)
  • #1149 IDNA and Punycode support in url.parse (Jeremy Selier, Ben Noordhuis, isaacs)
  • Export $CC and $CXX to uv and V8’s build systems
  • Include pthread-win32 static libraries in build (Igor Zinkovsky)
  • #1199, #1094 Fix fs can’t handle large file on 64bit platform (koichik)
  • #1281 Make require a public member of module (isaacs)
  • #1303 Stream.pipe returns the destination (Elijah Insua)
  • #1229 Addons should not -DEV_MULTIPLICITY=0 (Brian White)
  • libuv backend improvements
  • Upgrade V8 to 3.4.10


Windows Build:



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31 Responses to Node v0.5.1

  1. João Cunha says:

    I tried running the basic example (http server) through the executable version on Windows XP Professional SP3 but got no response.

  2. I’m strange that why `require(‘child_process’)` failed by “Module not found”?

  3. nferrero says:

    windows support, huge…

  4. Ed Spencer says:

    This is awesome news 😀

  5. Felipe says:

    “Windows build”…i.e., a native build? (If so…wow, that was fast!)

  6. Phil Strong says:

    Node.exe … #WTAF HUGE!!!

  7. Marco Campos says:

    cute, it’s only a .exe!
    testing now on windows 7 x64

  8. mrgretchev says:

    socket.remoteAddress and socket.remotePort don’t exist in the Windows version (tested on XP)

  9. Any ideas yet on how to run NPM with the Windows Build?

    • i am using the python script from and it works well, but dont forget that c/c++ addons dont work.

      On that topic:

      Is there any plan on defining a windows build environment for creating c/c++ addons in 0.5 ? I would like to write a zeromq and mongodb wrapper, but would want to know whether there is any support planned for it. I realize this may be a long term thing. But without it node.js will be of limited practical value.

      • ryandahl says:

        Yes, but we’re several months away from that goal. It might be paired with a replacement for node-waf.

  10. hi guys,

    any doc or blog on how to use node.exe … run the exce just a blank cursor … how to start with 😦


    • mrdnk says: is very good. – no affiliation with nodejs that I know of.
      You’ve basically entered the node command prompt, same as ruby and others.

      So from there you can do anything that you can with pre-written files.
      Simple example would be to type:
      and you’ll get the response.

      What you need to do is create a .js file, write some nodejs and run it with
      node example.js

  11. lent says:

    native node.js for windows is very cool!
    On my laptop, simple ‘hello world’ responses are 1/3 – 1/2 slower than with cygwin version, though.
    Why’s that?

    • ryandahl says:

      we can’t repeat

    • piscisaureus says:

      Hi Lent,

      I can’t reproduce this, is there somehow I can contact you so we can figure out why this happens? You can email me at bertbelder {at} gmail {dot} com.

      – Bert

  12. Doug Finke says:

    I blogged Launch a Node.js Web Server from PowerShell in Windows

    How can I shell out to PowerShell from inside JS from within node?

  13. mzh says:

    Linux vtx10.srv 2.6.18-194.el5 #1 SMP Fri Apr 2 14:58:14 EDT 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    CentOS release 5.6 (Final)

    node 0.5.1 (unstable)

    util 99.9% of CPU
    https server, http server, ~150 requests per second.

    node 0.49 (stable)

    util ~3% of CPU
    https server, http server, ~150 requests per second.

  14. Seems that the child process on windows doesn’t work. To the extent that if it’s in the code the code doesn’t start, if it’s not then it works (minus the functionality of child processes of course)

  15. Anand says:

    the basic things works fine …….

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