Node v0.4.10

2011.07.19, Version 0.4.10 (stable)

  • #394 Fix Buffer drops last null character in UTF-8
  • #829 Backport r8577 from V8 (Ben Noordhuis)
  • #877 Don’t wait for HTTP Agent socket pool to establish connections.
  • #915 Find kqueue on FreeBSD correctly (Brett Kiefer)
  • #1085 HTTP: Fix race in abort/dispatch code (Stefan Rusu)
  • #1274 debugger improvement (Yoshihiro Kikuchi)
  • #1291 Properly respond to HEAD during end(body) hot path (Reid Burke)
  • #1304 TLS: Fix race in abort/connection code (Stefan Rusu)
  • #1360 Allow _ in url hostnames.
  • Revert 37d529f8 – unbreaks debugger command parsing.
  • Bring back global execScript
  • Doc improvements


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One Response to Node v0.4.10

  1. dbj says:

    Can I help in architecting the add on model ?

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