Node v0.5.2

2011.07.22, Version 0.5.2 (unstable)

  • libuv improvements; named pipe support
  • #1242 check for SSL_COMP_get_compression_methods() (Ben Noordhuis)
  • #1348 remove require.paths (isaacs)
  • #1349 Delimit NODE_PATH with ; on Windows (isaacs)
  • #1335 Remove EventEmitter from C++
  • #1357 Load json files with require() (isaacs)
  • #1374 fix setting ServerResponse.statusCode in writeHead (Trent Mick)
  • Fixed: GC was being run too often.
  • Upgrade V8 to 3.4.14
  • doc improvements


Windows Executable:



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9 Responses to Node v0.5.2

  1. xeon06 says:

    Loving the windows executables. Thanks for the great work.

  2. Looks like remotePort/remoteAddress are still not working.

  3. Ron says:

    Keep up the good work. Am very pleased to see the V8 version also being kept up-to-date.

  4. Hancie says:

    Hi. How do I deal with new modules in windows os. Is there a way to add them, I cant find my way.

  5. mcandre says:

    Instead of a decent Makefile with make && sudo make install, this requires waf, yet another overly complicated build tool. waf doesn’t even install properly, so I can’t update NodeJS.

    $ make
    Project not configured (run ‘waf configure’ first)
    make: *** [program] Error 1
    $ waf configure
    -bash: waf: command not found

    (Fumbling with waf’s ridiculous self-build process…)

    $ waf configure
    Waf: The wscript in ‘/Users/andrew/Downloads/node-v0.5.2′ is unreadable
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/Users/andrew/bin/.waf-1.6.6-5cd0498e17cb30ff375c3b8a75a65070/waflib/”, line 83, in waf_entry_point
    File “/Users/andrew/bin/.waf-1.6.6-5cd0498e17cb30ff375c3b8a75a65070/waflib/”, line 107, in set_main_module
    File “/Users/andrew/bin/.waf-1.6.6-5cd0498e17cb30ff375c3b8a75a65070/waflib/extras/”, line 88, in load_module
    File “/Users/andrew/bin/.waf-1.6.6-5cd0498e17cb30ff375c3b8a75a65070/waflib/”, line 269, in load_module
    File “/Users/andrew/Downloads/node-v0.5.2/wscript”, line 28, in
    from Utils import cmd_output
    ImportError: cannot import name cmd_output

  6. jitestaff says:

    thank you for the win executable but.. what about npm?
    Is something usable available out there?

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