Node v0.5.5

2011.08.26, Version 0.5.5 (unstable)

  • typed arrays, implementation from Plesk
  • fix IP multicast on SunOS
  • fix DNS lookup order: IPv4 first, IPv6 second (–use-uv only)
  • remove support for UNIX datagram sockets (–use-uv only)
  • UDP support for Windows (Bert Belder)
  • #1572 improve tab completion for objects in the REPL (Nathan Rajlich)
  • #1563 fix buffer overflow in child_process module (reported by Dean McNamee)
  • #1546 fix performance regression in http module (reported by Brian Geffon)
  • #1491 add PBKDF2 crypto support (Glen Low)
  • #1447 remove deprecated function (Mikeal Rogers)
  • #1140 fix incorrect dispatch of vm.runInContext’s filename argument
    (Antranig Basman)

  • #1140 document vm.runInContext() and vm.createContext() (Antranig Basman)
  • #1428 fix os.freemem() on 64 bits freebsd (Artem Zaytsev)
  • #1164 make all DNS lookups async, fixes uncatchable exceptions
    (Koichi Kobayashi)

  • fix incorrect ssl shutdown check (Tom Hughes)
  • various cmake fixes (Tom Hughes)
  • improved documentation (Koichi Kobayashi, Logan Smyth, Fedor Indutny,
    Mikeal Rogers, Maciej Małecki, Antranig Basman, Mickaël Delahaye)

  • upgrade libuv to commit 835782a
  • upgrade V8 to 3.5.8


Windows Executable:



Update: The .exe has a bug that results in incompatibility with Windows XP and Server 2003. This has been reported in issue #1592 and fixed. A new binary was made that is compatibile with the older Windows:

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7 Responses to Node v0.5.5

  1. Francis Adu-Gyamfi says:

    Hey!!! First!

    Btw, wanted to find out, how the heck is mode.exe for 0.5.5 now 50% the size of 0.5.4??? Impressive. Or did something not compile correctly?

  2. I’m coming from Linux world and I’m just curious. What is the size of node.exe? BTW it’s very nice to have only one EXE file to create whole new World with Node.JS 🙂
    Thank you …

  3. Dan VerWeire says:

    This is great. Once I work out the Windows compatibility of all the modules I use, I’ll install node.exe on all of my user’s computers and create a gigantic cluster along with our Linux instances. At least after office hours… 🙂

  4. windows binary version can not debug with google v8’s debugger in eclipse , eclipse will throw an error , seems can’t find the source file.

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