Some New Node Projects

  • Superfeedr released a Node XMPP Server. “Since astro had been doing an amazing work with his node-xmpp library to build Client, Components and even Server to server modules, the logical next step was to try to build a Client to Server module so that we could have a full blown server. That’s what we worked on the past couple days, and it’s now on Github!
  • Joyent’s Mark Cavage released LDAP.js. “ldapjs is a pure JavaScript, from-scratch framework for implementing LDAP clients and servers in Node.js. It is intended for developers used to interacting with HTTP services in node and express.
  • Microsoft’s Tomasz Janczuk released iisnodeThe iisnode project provides a native IIS 7.x module that allows hosting of node.js applications in IIS.

    Scott Hanselman posted a detailed walkthrough of how to get started with iisnode

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5 Responses to Some New Node Projects

  1. Awesome news Ryan, great to see iisnode for us poor sods stuck on corporate networks!

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  3. meenakshi says:

    Awesome…..iisnode will rock

  4. Amazing modules. Please all keep up your good work on node and node modules.
    @Ryan: Why is it that something like inotify module is not in the core since it supports asynchronous event based work with file changes and modifications.

  5. lalit says:

    i am using node.js module in drupal. but i think it need improvement to make compatible with drupal framework.

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