Version 0.6 Coming Soon

Version 0.6.0 will be released next week. Please spend some time this week upgrading your code to v0.5.10. Report any API differences at or report a bug to us at if you hit problems.

The API changes between v0.4.12 and v0.5.10 are 99% cosmetic, minor, and easy to fix. Most people are able to migrate their code in 10 minutes. Don’t fear.

Once you’ve ported your code to v0.5.10 please help out by testing third party modules. Make bug reports. Encourage authors to publish new versions of their modules. Go through the list of modules at and try out random ones. This is especially encouraged of Windows users!

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8 Responses to Version 0.6 Coming Soon

  1. n/a says:

    Could node.js 0.6.x support cygwin? I love work && compile under it.

  2. Tomás says:

    I’m waiting for test it!!!
    I think NodeJS have a big potencial for develop apps and I hope in a few time develop some apps on my company.

  3. xx says:

    is it possible to build a x64 version on windows?

  4. Gunnar Kristjansson says:

    Look like setBroadcast, setTTL,setMulticastTTL, setMulticastLoopback, addMembership,dropMembership in dgram.js are still not yet implemented. I see that that there is support for join and leaving groups in libuv but it has yet to pushed all way up to javascript any plans on that before the release.

  5. atorg says:

    Great, thx for all Node.js rocks !

  6. r says:

    stil waiting, when coming?

  7. tola says:

    I tried to use the v0.6 as a client for websockets, but it fails. I am still trying to isolate this issue. It works fine to serve as a websocket server but it has problems as to act like a client. Do you have any idea regarding this issue?

  8. Is that can run on centos 6?

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