Node v0.6.2

2011.11.18, Version 0.6.2 (stable)

  • doc improvements (Artur Adib, Trevor Burnham, Ryan Emery, Trent Mick)
  • timers: remember extra setTimeout() arguments when timeout==0
  • punycode: use Mathias Bynens’s punycode library, it’s more compliant
  • repl: improved tab completion (Ryan Emery)
  • buffer: fix range checks in .writeInt() functions (Lukasz Walukiewicz)
  • tls: make cipher list configurable
  • addons: make Buffer and ObjectWrap visible to Windows add-ons (Bert Belder)
  • crypto: add PKCS#1 a.k.a RSA public key verification support
  • windows: fix stdout writes when redirected to nul
  • sunos: fix build on Solaris and Illumos
  • Upgrade V8 to

Source Code:

Windows Installer:

Macintosh Installer:



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7 Responses to Node v0.6.2

  1. srsly this has the potential to take over php with a no trace leaving force. there are just still to many php developers and people who think old stuff is better.

    • Tom says:

      @Jan-Stefan Reserving zero merit for “old stuff” is a thoughtless reaction. Being seemingly dismissive of the expertise many people will have built using that “old stuff” and the things they can accomplish with it is willfully short-sighted. Many people do not have to time, or the influence on scheduling and budgets, to gleefully early-adopt every (some might argue) unproven platform that comes along.

      That said, I do to an extent, and I’m glad to watch Node continue to develop.

  2. Francis Adu-Gyamfi says:

    @Stefan: PHP is not necessarily better, but it has a pretty decent setup that node is yet to fully rival. Having to explicitly setup HTTP request-response and all almost every time you start a new project. But I believe in time, node will set itself right, and we devs will have a choice of the best tool for the Job.

    Right now I need a nice database ORM implementation on top of Node/Javascript and I will stop thinking small with node. Any suggestions?

  3. Tomás says:

    Hey guys! Take a look at
    Maybe in a near future Node can replace V8 with Dart and should be called NodeDart 🙂

    Just kidding, but it’s interesting the improves implemented in Dart compared on standard JavaScript.

  4. Kai says:


    I don’t like Dart, because it seems rather useless. It does not bring much to the table. I would be more interested in seeing ECMAScript evolving. I do think Dart is a good thing though as it works as a kind of a prototype for newer features that may arrive in ES:H.

  5. Lapo says:

    Does this include V8’s new incremental garbage collector?

    • ryandahl says:

      No. Node v0.6 uses V8 v3.6 which does not include the new GC. In January we’ll be releasing the next version which will have the new V8.

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