Growing up

This week Microsoft announced support for Node in Windows Azure, their cloud computing platform. For the Node core team and the community, this is an important milestone. We’ve worked hard over the past six months reworking Node’s machinery to support IO completion ports and Visual Studio to provide a good native port to Windows. The overarching goal of the port was to expand our user base to the largest number of developers. Happily, this has paid off in the form of being a first class citizen on Azure. Many users who would have never used Node as a pure unix tool are now up and running on the Windows platform. More users translates into a deeper and better ecosystem of modules, which makes for a better experience for everyone.

We also redesigned our website – something that we’ve put off for a long time because we felt that Node was too nascent to dedicate marketing to it. But now that we have binary distributions for Macintosh and Windows, have bundled npm, and are serving millions of users at various companies, we felt ready to indulge in a new website and share of a few of our success stories on the home page.

Work is on-going. We continue to improve the software, making performance improvements and adding isolate support, but Node is growing up.

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13 Responses to Growing up

  1. sugendran says:

    awesome! now if they just fixed their pricing…

  2. Manuel Aude says:

    Congrats 🙂 Just never forget about us, Linux users, because I somehow have fear that you might focus too much on Windows. Many of us use you on Heroku, Nodejitsu or (in my personal case) in linode or custom/private servers that are running *nix systems.

  3. Niloy Mondal says:


  4. Any plans to release the “official” ubuntu/debian package for node?

  5. Deniss says:

    Wish you good luck Ry! Was watching you since the start of it’s all. 😉

  6. Reverse Cowgirl says:

    Great news. Now we don’t have to use Joyent for node hosting anymore. Azure ftw.

  7. Jason T says:

    New website looks awesome, but can you move the documentation link up next to the download link? I’d be willing to bet that it’s the most clicked link on the page.

  8. Tomas says:

    I know node more than one year and when I found it, I thought: “probably in a few years node become equal or more powerful than PHP or Ruby”.

  9. Darron S says:

    Seconded on the linux thing. I have avoided using Micro$oft products for many years and for many reasons. Otherwise an awesome achievement.
    Node has more potential than many realise and I’ve been watching progress for nearly 2 years. Now if we could just get multithreading and isolates working you could rule the world!

  10. Diego Viola says:

    Linux forever.

  11. Ameen says:

    Thank you for giving Node.js to the world. I love it.

  12. ghasem fattahpour says:


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