Node v0.6.6

2011.12.14, Version 0.6.6 (stable)

  • npm update to 1.1.0-beta-4 (Isaac Z. Schlueter)
  • cli: fix output of –help (Ben Noordhuis)
  • new website
  • pause/resume semantics for stdin (Isaac Z. Schlueter)
  • Travis CI integration (Maciej Małecki)
  • child_process: Fix bug regarding closed stdin (Ben Noordhuis)
  • Enable upgrades in MSI. (Igor Zinkovsky)
  • net: Fixes memory leak (Ben Noordhuis)
  • fs: handle fractional or NaN ReadStream buffer size (Ben Noordhuis)
  • crypto: fix memory leaks in PBKDF2 error path (Ben Noordhuis)

Source Code:

Windows Installer:

Macintosh Installer:



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7 Responses to Node v0.6.6

  1. Richard.Lu says:

    As a cygwin portable user, could you add cygwin support for 0.6.x? thank you!

  2. Richard.Lu says:

    As a cygwin portable user, could you re-add cygwin support for us?
    The most popular language and tools has been also supported or can build in cygwin,like ruby, python, mysql, and others.
    Thank you!

    • Supporting Cygwin is not a priority. Node runs on windows as a first-class citizen.

      • It does, but I want to keep my windows cmd clean without tons of commands and very long PATH var.

        I prefer using cygwin instead of windows cmd. It is much easier to work with. Fast git installation, ssh etc…

      • The problem is that Cygwin doesn’t actually work very well. The performance is terrible, and it orphans child processes half the time. Msys bash is really nice. You get ssh, git, etc.

      • In cygwin performance isn’t that important. You don’t have hundreds of people connecting to your app 😛

  3. The new website is very nice 🙂
    Great work ! Nodejs rocks

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