Node v0.6.9

2012.01.27, Version 0.6.9 (stable)

  • dgram: Bring back missing functionality for Unix (Dan VerWeire,
    Roman Shtylman, Ben Noordhuis)

    – Note: Windows UDP support not yet complete.

  • http: Fix parser memory leak (koichik)

  • zlib: Fix #2365 crashes on invalid input (Nicolas LaCasse)

  • module: fix –debug-brk on symlinked scripts (Fedor Indutny)

  • Documentation Restyling (Matthew Fitzsimmons)

  • Update npm to 1.1.0-3 (isaacs)

  • Windows: fix regression in stat() calls to C:\ (Bert Belder)

Source Code:

Windows Installer:

Macintosh Installer:



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8 Responses to Node v0.6.9

  1. Pierre Barbera says:

    How much of UDP under windows actually works?

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  3. Hello,

    I was following the C++ addons examples (for 0.6.9), but it seems that only the “Hello world” one works. The others yield an error as follows:

    node: symbol lookup error: /home/stefan/nodecode/module/build/Release/detect.node: undefined symbol: _ZN6detect4initEv

    The code is exactly the same as on the site, I just renamed the class and the method called at load-time. The call actually looks like: detect::init();

    Any ideas what might be going on here?

    Thank you.

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