Version 0.7.8 (unstable)

2012.04.18, Version 0.7.8, (unstable)

  • Upgrade V8 to

  • Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.0f

  • Upgrade npm to 1.1.18

  • Show licenses in Binary installers

  • Domains (isaacs)

  • readline: rename "end" to "close" (Nathan Rajlich)

  • tcp: make getsockname() return address family as string (Shigeki Ohtsu)

  • http, https: fix .setTimeout() (ssuda)

  • os: add cross platform EOL character (Mustansir Golawala)

  • typed arrays: unexport SizeOfArrayElementForType() (Aaron Jacobs)

  • net: honor 'enable' flag in .setNoDelay() (Ben Noordhuis)

  • child_process: emit error when .kill fails (Andreas Madsen)

  • gyp: fix 'argument list too long' build error (Ben Noordhuis)

  • fs.WriteStream: Handle modifications to (isaacs)

  • repl, readline: Handle newlines better (Nathan Rajlich, Nathan Friedly)

  • build: target OSX 10.5 when building on darwin (Nathan Rajlich)

  • Fix #3052 Handle errors properly in zlib (isaacs)

  • build: add support for DTrace and postmortem (Dave Pacheco)

  • core: add reusable Slab allocator (Ben Noordhuis)

Source Code:

Windows Installer:

Windows x64 Files:

Macintosh Installer (Universal):

Other release files:



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