Version 0.6.17 (stable)

2012.05.04 Version 0.6.17 (stable)

  • Upgrade npm to 1.1.21

  • uv: Add support for EROFS errors (Ben Noordhuis, Maciej Małecki)

  • uv: Add support for EIO and ENOSPC errors (Fedor Indutny)

  • windows: Add support for EXDEV errors (Bert Belder)

  • http: Fix client memory leaks (isaacs, Vincent Voyer)

  • fs: fix file descriptor leak in sync functions (Ben Noordhuis)

  • fs: fix ReadStream / WriteStream double close bug (Ben Noordhuis)

Source Code:

Windows Installer:

Windows x64 Files:

Macintosh Installer (Universal):

Other release files:



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3 Responses to Version 0.6.17 (stable)

  1. ma}{im says:

    It seems that by link is stored installer for node 0.6.16 (not 17)

    • It installs 0.6.17 for me. Maybe you need to restart to clear some kind of cache or something?

      /me doesn’t actually know how to do Windows.

      • ma}{im says:

        It’s strange: when I download file to my work PC it has sha1 hash ad990b7076672ec3e9f4a05400d6059d3805b4a2 (it’s hash of 0.6.17 version), but when I download file from the same URL to my home PC I get file with hash 04b812a3c41a790b79dc3016cc50d7868225ac4c (it’s hash of 0.6.16 version).
        I think it can happen because of a caching proxy, but I use caching proxy only at work, at home the real file should be downloaded.
        I’m surprised

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