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Profiling Node.js

It’s incredibly easy to visualize where your Node program spends its time using DTrace and node-stackvis (a Node port of Brendan Gregg’s FlameGraph tool): Run your Node.js program as usual. In another terminal, run: $ dtrace -n ‘profile-97/execname == “node” … Continue reading

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Node v0.7.0 (Unstable)

This is the first release in the unstable v0.7 series. Almost all users will want to remain using the stable v0.6 releases. 2012.01.16, Version 0.7.0 (unstable) Upgrade V8 to 3.8.6 Use GYP build system on unix (Ben Noordhuis) Experimenetal isolates … Continue reading

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Growing up

This week Microsoft announced support for Node in Windows Azure, their cloud computing platform. For the Node core team and the community, this is an important milestone. We’ve worked hard over the past six months reworking Node’s machinery to support … Continue reading

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Node v0.6.5

2011.12.04, Version 0.6.5 (stable) npm workaround Windows antivirus software (isaacs) Upgrade V8 to Source Code: Windows Installer: Macintosh Installer: Website: Documentation:

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Node v0.6.4

2011.12.02, Version 0.6.4 (stable) doc improvements (Kyle Young, Tim Oxley, Roman Shtylman, Mathias Bynens) upgrade bundled npm (Isaac Schlueter) polish Windows installer (Igor Zinkovsky, Isaac Schlueter) punycode: upgrade to v0.2.1 (Mathias Bynens) build: add –without-npm flag to configure script sys: … Continue reading

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Node v0.6.3

2011.11.25, Version 0.6.3 (stable) #2083 Land NPM in Node. It is included in packages/installers and installed on `make install`. #2076 Add logos to windows installer. #1711 Correctly handle http requests without headers. (Ben Noordhuis, Felix Geisendörfer) TLS: expose more openssl SSL context … Continue reading

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Node v0.6.2

2011.11.18, Version 0.6.2 (stable) doc improvements (Artur Adib, Trevor Burnham, Ryan Emery, Trent Mick) timers: remember extra setTimeout() arguments when timeout==0 punycode: use Mathias Bynens’s punycode library, it’s more compliant repl: improved tab completion (Ryan Emery) buffer: fix range checks … Continue reading

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Node v0.6.1

2011.11.11, Version 0.6.1 (stable) doc improvements (Eric Lovett, Ben Noordhuis, Scott Anderson, Yoji SHIDARA) crypto: make thread-safe (Ben Noordhuis) fix process.kill error object debugger: correctly handle source with multi-byte characters (Shigeki Ohtsu) make stdout and stderr non-destroyable (Igor Zinkovsky) fs: … Continue reading

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Node v0.6.0

We are happy to announce the third stable branch of Node v0.6. We will be freezing JavaScript, C++, and binary interfaces for all v0.6 releases. The major differences between v0.4 and v0.6 are Native Windows support using I/O Completion Ports … Continue reading

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Version 0.6 Coming Soon

Version 0.6.0 will be released next week. Please spend some time this week upgrading your code to v0.5.10. Report any API differences at or report a bug to us at if you hit problems. The API changes between … Continue reading

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